Paleo FX Vendors

On top of all the amazing seminars and forums at Paleo FX, there was a gigantic expo full of health conscience, Paleo friendly vendors. This was not just food, but also supplements, hygiene products, and clothing. All key things to think about when talking about health. I have some favorite brands too that I would like to share. There were a few companies that I had heard about, but had not tried the products before. There were also several companies that were completely new to me. This venue gave me the143 perfect opportunity to try these items. My two favorite brands that I had heard about, but had not previously tried were Bulletproof Coffee and Epic Bars. Both blew me away!! I honestly can’t believe what I have been missing out on.

First, Bulletproof Coffee is the brain child of David Asprey. The beans are organically sourced, high quality beans. After the coffee is brewed, it is mixed in a blender with ghee (clarified butter) and high quality coconut oil. Both are healthy sources of fats that are vital for healthy cell function and brain activity. Blended in a blender, it creates a creamy, frothy beverage that has a delicious flavor. Now, I am sure that some of you are like “butter in my coffee, gross”. I was one of those people. Not anymore. For those coffee drinkers out there, toss out those lattes and give this a try.

026 Second, Epic Bars. The name says it all… EPIC. I have seen these in Whole Foods and on social media for a while now. I have been curious about how they would taste. The idea of a protein bar, made out of meat instead of the typical sugar filled options, was fascinating. I stopped by their booth and both of their workers were very nice. They answered my questions and invited me to try all the options. I started first with their version of jerky. It was as I expected, delicious. I worked up the courage to try the bars. I should have bought a box. I bought a bar to snack on while I walked back to the apartment I rented for the weekend. It was about a two block walk to the stop light from the venue. I made it MAYBE a block before that thing was toast! The meat used is grass fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, and humanely treated. They are Paleo friendly, low glycemic, and gluten/soy/dairy/nitrite free. They are a great option to have around for busy days and travel. I try to keep one in my purse or back pack now. It really comes in handy and hits the spot. I was running late for the theater the other night and good thing I had one on hand.

There were a few online stores that had vendor booths. They provide online shopping for many of the brands that were there. They specialize in Paleo friendly products and ship right to your door. One Stop Paleo Shop is an online retailer that works with the two companies above, along with a host of others, to provide these products in a very convenient way. One of the neat things that I like about this company is that they will sell bars individually; therefore it gives the consumer the option to try different brands/ flavors without having to buy an entire box. I think that is a really great concept.024

Another brand that I already love is Jackson’s Honest Chips. They make a variety of chips that are cooked in coconut oil and made with non GMO vegetables. They are kettle cooked, so they have that crisp, crunch that is expected with chips. They make a sweet potato product, which is Paleo approved. They are so tasty. I went to an outdoor movie the other weekend with my family in the Los Angeles area and naturally had to bring some along.

Paleo Pizza is always on everyone’s mind and I have a great at home pizza recipe on the site.  If you are looking for a freezer friendly version, you can purchase from Paleo Pizza! Their pizza is Paleo certified, so it’s gluten free and dairy free.  They have a veggie option, so that means vegan! It uses a cashew based vegan cheese. There are no preservatives, but are vacuumed sealed. So that means they will last in the freezer. The thin crust pizza are delicious, I must admit!

Kombucha is a product that a lot of people talk about. It is a fermented tea that helps keep the gut microbiome in alignment. I have tried a few before and have not liked them. It is something that I have tried to get into though due to the health factor. There were a few kombucha vendors to choose from. I only tried one, but that was all I needed. The company is called Mosaic. They are based out of Austin, TX. As of right now, their products are only available in that area. I finally found a brand that I like. It gave me hope to try a few more.

070I didn’t try the vendor while there, but I do have a readily available kombucha to drink. It is called Live Soda. It is also brewed in Austin, Texas. It can be found in a large variety of stores. I even saw it in Target the other day. My brother has not been a fan either, for similar reasons to me. I got him to try it and now he is also in love with it. He is traveling for work right now and sent me a text message that he was seriously missing his Live Soda. It is a kombucha that is made to taste like classic versions of sodas. I have not tried all the varieties yet, but my favorite is the root beer. I brought one to work the other day and got my co-workers to try it. One suggested making a root beer float out of it. I think that the next time that I make my vanilla bean ice cream I may have to do that.

There are so many good companies out there. These were just a few of my favorites.

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