Your Cooking
Adventure Awaits!

We have a variety of adventures for you to choose from.  All of our adventures are designed with little ones in mind for maximum education and learning fun!

Build Your Own Adventure

We strive to include ALL aspects of cooking and healthy eating into our classes in a way that is accommodating to you and your child’s interests. Together, we can develop a series that will best fit your needs so that your child can have the full experience of Little Sprouts Kitchen wellness!

Build Your Own Adventure Includes:

  • Cooking Lesson
  • Soap Making Lesson
  • Edible Gardening Lesson
  • Mindfulness Activities

Kids Cooking Club

It is our goal to empower students with the tools that they’ll need to make healthy food on their own. They will learn basic skills that they can use in any kitchen, including cutting, spreading, and mixing. All recipes and cooking demos are fun, kid-friendly, and don’t require the use of any sharp knives or hot appliances, making it easy for kids to recreate recipes at home.

Kids Cooking Clubs include:

    • Cooking and nutrition lesson
    • Kitchen & knife safety lessons
    • 2-4 accessible and healthy recipes per class
    • Aprons, cooking materials and ingredients
    • Mindfulness Activities

Soap Making Laboratory

Proper hygiene is not only important in the kitchen, but also in everyday life! We teach kids to keep germs to a minimum through fun interactive activities and making their own bars of soap. Our goal is to empower kids to take pride and ownership of their own health and hygiene. Students will come out of the class excited to wash their hands!

Our soap making laboratory includes:

  • Cute kid-friendly soap molds
  • Natural dyes to color soap
  • A variety of essential oils to add scents soap bars
  • Proper handwashing lessons and interactive activities

Edible Gardening Workshop

Gardening is not only fun and practical, but it is also an essential part of the cooking experience! From root to fruit, students learn where their food comes from and learn the journey our food has taken before it reaches their plate. Students will come out of the class being able plant, grow, and harvest their own fruits and vegetables!

Our edible garden classes include:

  • Compostable pots that can go directly into the soil
  • Organic soil to promote natural growth
  • Seasonal fruit or vegetable seeds
  • Care instructions for their mini-garden
  • Gardening lesson and interactive activities on which parts of a plant and what parts we eat

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